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Kidnapped (1960) Disney Movie

Rating: PGLength: 95 mins.Year: 1960
Cast: Peter Finch, James MacArthur, and Bernard Lee

Disney Movie Rating:
65.65 out of 100. Total of 11 votes.

Kidnapped (1960) Movie Description:

Based on the classic Robert Louis Stevenson novel, the 1960 Disney film, Kidnapped, is an exciting, action-filled adventure that remains fairly true to the novel. Standout performances by Oscar-winners Peter Finch and Peter O'Toole are spot on, and James MacArthur as the film's main character David Balfour lends just the right amount of innocence and youth to his role.

Standing to inherit a sizable amount of money from his recently deceased father, Balfour winds up being double-crossed by his uncle and discovers he's been sold into indentured servitude and is to be shipped to America. A fortuitous shipwreck causes a change of plan with his captors, and he eventually is befriended and teams up with Stewart, a Scottish loyalist who is planned to be killed for his money by the murderous crew. Surviving several close calls, the pair escape back to England, where with Stewart's help, Balfour claims his rightful inheritance.

A Scene from Kidnapped:

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Ten Who Dared (1960) Disney Movie

Rating: NRLength: 92 mins.Year: 1960
Cast: Brian Keith, John Beal, James Drury

Disney Movie Rating:
53.82 out of 100. Total of 11 votes.

Ten Who Dared (1960) Movie Description:

Based on the real story of John Wesley Powell, a United States Army officer who was the first to explore up the Colorado River with nine others in order to survey and map the region, Ten Who Dared was a 1960 Disney film. The film wasn't well received initially, but criticism has lessened considerably over the decades.

In 1869, ten Civil War veterans, led by Major Powell, who had lost an arm in the war, undertook a long and danger-filled expedition through the Grand Canyon via the raging Colorado River. Dangerous wild animals, scarcity of food and supplies, deadly and treacherous river rapids, and eventually attempted mutiny are just a few of the dangers the party is faced with. Lasting 99 days and over a thousand miles, the journey is a non-stop adventure. In the end, only six of the original ten make it out alive to tell the story of this post-Civil War adventure.

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The Sign of Zorro (1960) Disney Movie

Rating: NRLength: 91 mins.Year: 1960
Cast: Guy Williams, Henry Calvin and Gene Sheldon

Disney Movie Rating:
80.5 out of 100. Total of 8 votes.

The Sign of Zorro (1960) Movie Description:

The 1960 Disney movie, The Sign of Zorro, is a compilation of the initial 13 episodes of the Disney-produced television series which ran from 1957 to 1959.

Guy Williams stars as the masked avenger, Don Diego de la Vega, who somehow manages to always save the day regardless of the obstacles or the overwhelming odds. By day, de la Vega is a mild-mannered intellectual, while at night he becomes his alter ego, Zorro, seeking out criminals and giving them their just rewards. His signature, which he leaves at the scenes of his derring-do, is a slash with his sword of the letter "Z."

In The Sign of Zorro, the protagonist is Captain Monastario, the local commandante, a truly evil and manipulative man. Monastario is at least Zorro's equal as a swordsman, and his entire existence seems to revolve around capturing and unmasking Zorro. He nearly succeeds on several occasions, but our hero always perseveres in the end.

The Trailer/Scene from Sign of Zorro:

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Sleeping Beauty (1959) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 75 mins.Year: 1959
Cast: Voices by Mary Costa, Bill Shirley, Eleanor Audley, Verna Felton

Disney Movie Rating:
87.16 out of 100. Total of 890 votes.

Sleeping Beauty (1959) Movie Description:

Princess Aurora was born into a wonderful royal family and blessed with indescrible beauty, charm, and elegance. The sinister, malicious witch Maleficient was consumed with jealousy toward Princess Aurora and placed a wicked curse on her which would mean death on the 16th birthday of the princess. It's up to love of a magnificent prince to save his sleeping beauty.

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The Shaggy Dog (1959) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 104 mins.Year: 1959
Cast: Fred MacMurray, Jean Hagen, Tommy Kirk, and Annette Funicello

Disney Movie Rating:
69.49 out of 100. Total of 66 votes.

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Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959) Disney Movie

Rating: NRLength: 93 mins.Year: 1959
Cast: Albert Sharpe, Janet Munro, Sean Connery, Jimmy O'Dea

Disney Movie Rating:
69.7 out of 100. Total of 1 votes.

Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959) Movie Description:

Starring a pre-James Bond Sean Connery, the 1959 Walt Disney Production of Darby O'Gill and the Little People is a visually pleasing and sublimely entertaining Disney classic. The title character is a tall-tale spinning Irish caretaker who's abruptly replaced by Connery, incurring O'Gill's wrath. The terminated Irishman, depressed and dreading breaking the news to his family, stumbles upon a leprechaun kingdom which leads to much frivolity and some of Disney's most unforgettable comedic episodes.

The special effects are incredibly realistic, especially given the era of production. Moviegoers in the 21st Century are accustomed to all manner of "FX" courtesy of computer-generated assistance, and to see similar results on-screen from a half-century earlier is almost surreal.

One of the finest fantasies ever committed to film, Darby O'Gill has something to offer all audiences regardless of age.

Legend has it that Connery's performance was the clincher that led him to being cast in Dr. No, the first James Bond film, in 1962.

A Scene from Darby O'Gill and the Little People:

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Third Man on the Mountain (1959) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 105 mins.Year: 1959
Cast: Michael Rennie, James MacArthur and Janet Munro

Disney Movie Rating:
81.6 out of 100. Total of 7 votes.

Third Man on the Mountain (1959) Movie Description:

Adapted from the novel "Banner in the Sky" by James Ramsay Ullman, the 1959 Walt Disney production of Third Man On the Mountain is a wholesome outdoors adventure starring Michael Rennie and James MacArthur. The film recounts the story of a young Swiss boy (MacArthur) attempting to climb the same mountain that claimed his father's life. Filmed in Switzerland, Third Man On the Mountain features breath-taking scenery, especially the shots of the majestic peaks against the backdrop of the greenery below.

Guided by a doubting but respected British mountaineer (Rennie), the young boy early on demonstrates his worthiness by rescuing the veteran climber from certain death on the mountain. At times almost dizzying and nerve-wracking, the extreme physical requirements of their efforts are displayed realistically, leaving viewers exhausted by movie's end.

Directed crisply by veteran Disney favorite Ken Annakin, the film also features an uncredited cameo appearance by screen legend Helen Hayes, MacArthur's real-life adopted mother.

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Tonka (1958) Disney Movie

Rating: NRLength: 98 mins.Year: 1958
Cast: Sal Mineo, Philip Carey, Jerome Courtland

Disney Movie Rating:
45.32 out of 100. Total of 19 votes.

Tonka (1958) Movie Description:

Adapted from the book "Comanche" by David Appel, the Walt Disney presentation of Tonka, released in 1958, stars Sal Mineo as a young Native-American boy who captures and tames a magnificent horse he names Tonka.

The adventure film surprisingly depicts Native-Americans in an unusually (for the era) sympathetic light as it follows White Bull (Mineo) in his "coming-of-age" adventures. The film uses historical events as background, including General George Custer and the infamous Battle of Little Big Horn.

White Bull's cruel cousin sells Tonka to the U.S. Cavalry, and the horse is taken to the fort. White Bull, unable to accept the loss of his horse, sneaks into the fort and is captured. A cavalry captain befriends the boy, and their shared love for Tonka draws them close. When the battle begins, the captain rides Tonka into the fateful event and the horse turns out to be the only survivor. White Bull regains his horse and later is made an honorary cavalry member.

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