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Ride A Wild Pony (1975) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 91 mins.Year: 1975
Cast: Michael Craig, John Meillon and Robert Bettles

Disney Movie Rating:
77.25 out of 100. Total of 4 votes.

Ride A Wild Pony (1975) Movie Description:

The 1975 Walt Disney Productions release, Ride a Wild Pony, is an adaptation of the James Aldridge novel, A Sporting Proposition. Directed by Jerome Courtland, Ride a Wild Pony was filmed in Australia.

Set between the two World Wars, Ride a Wild Pony relates the story of a legal battle between a poor boy and a wealthy, but handicapped girl over ownership of a pony. The boy owns the pony originally, but it runs away only to be rescued by the girl's rancher father, who presents it to the girl. The boy spots the pony and claims it, leading to the legal wrangling.

Despite the anger and animosity, the two children become friends, and eventually work out an amicable arrangement in which both of them have time with the pony.

Ride a Wild Pony stars Robert Bettles and Eva Griffith as the two youngsters, with Michael Craig as the girl's father.

Trailer/Scene from Ride A Wild Pony:

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Herbie Rides Again (1974) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 88 mins.Year: 1974
Cast: Helen Hayes, Ken Berry, Stefanie Powers, John McIntire, Keenan Wynn

Disney Movie Rating:
66.46 out of 100. Total of 37 votes.

Herbie Rides Again (1974) Movie Description:

Business developers have been known to exercise some pretty fierce tactics to pull off big development deals, and Alonzo Hawk was one determined developer, ready to make a deal. However, not even the fiercest crooks can't hold a candle to a scorned Herbie when he's protecting a friend. Can Herbie fight off the bad guys and truly ride again?

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Castaway Cowboy (1974) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 91 mins.Year: 1974
Cast: James Garner, Vera Miles and Robert Culp

Disney Movie Rating:
60 out of 100. Total of 2 votes.

Castaway Cowboy (1974) Movie Description:

1850s San Francisco is the opening setting for the 1974 Disney production, The Castaway Cowboy. James Garner stars as Lincoln Costain, a Texas cowboy visiting California when he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and winds up being shanghaied, destination unknown. Costain uses his considerable wits to escape and ends up washed ashore in Hawaii.

Rescued by Henrietta MacAvoy (Vera Miles), a widowed potato farmer, Costain quickly surveys the situation and convinces the widow MacAvoy to try some of his tried-and-trusted Texas techniques in an attempt to salvage her ranch. He then has to persuade the skeptical local workers as well.

The Castaway Cowboy is typical Disney family fare, with a competent cast and engaging storyline. Robert Culp co-stars as an unscrupulous banker with designs on the MacAvoy property, as well as on Henrietta.

Filmed in Hawaii, the scenery is eye-catching and overall, The Castaway Cowboy is an enjoyable 90 minutes.

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The Island at the Top of the World (1974) Disney Movie

Rating: NRLength: 93 mins.Year: 1974
Cast: David Hartman, Donald Sinden and Jacques Marin

Disney Movie Rating:
74.3 out of 100. Total of 2 votes.

The Island at the Top of the World (1974) Movie Description:

A combination drama/adventure/science fiction/period piece could be the description for the 1974 Disney production, The Island at the Top Of the World. Produced and directed by (respectively) Disney veterans Winston Hibler and Robert Stevenson, the film chronicles the efforts of a British aristocrat's expedition to the Arctic to try and locate his missing son. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, until the searcher's mode of travel is revealed: A dirigible.

Multiple adventures accost the intrepid party along the way, not the least being the discovery of an uncharted island occupied by lost Vikings. If that weren't dramatic enough, the party later encounters the legendary "Whales Graveyard" and undergoes a series of terrifying attacks by killer whales.

The film is based on the Ian Cameron novel, The Lost Ones, and stars an international cast, including Donald Sinden, David Hartman, Jacques Marin and Mako. Maurice Jarre provides a suitably dramatic, stirring musical score.

The Trailer/Scene from Island at the Top of the World:

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Robin Hood (1973) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 83 mins.Year: 1973
Cast: Voices by Brian Bedford, Phil Harris, Peter Ustinov, Terry-Thomas

Disney Movie Rating:
87.27 out of 100. Total of 1006 votes.

Robin Hood (1973) Description:

The story of the legendary Robin Hood and his mission to help the poor comes to life in cartoon form with some lovable forest friends in Disney’s Robin Hood movie. Sherwood Forest buzzes with activity as Robin the fox and Little John the bear battle the evil sheriff and Prince John with Sir Hiss the snake caught in the middle. This is funny, happy, enjoyable entertainment for families of all ages.

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Superdad (1973) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 96 mins.Year: 1973
Cast: Bob Crane, Kurt Russell and Barbara Rush

Disney Movie Rating:
57.83 out of 100. Total of 3 votes.

Superdad (1973) Movie Description:

Disney was a little late in addressing the "generation gap" and Vietnam-era issues of the late 1960s, and apparently the 1973 comedy, Superdad, was the studio's way of "getting in the game."

Starring Bob Crane (Hogan's Heroes) as a father whose vehement disapproval of his daughter's (Kathleen Cody) boyfriend (Kurt Russell) leads to upheaval at home, and then his over-compensation in trying to be a "Superdad" only further exacerbates the situation. There are some funny moments at Superdad's attempts to "fit in."

Others in the cast include Barbara Rush, Joe Flynn, Judith Lowry and Bruno Kirby in his big screen debut. Veteran Disney contributor (The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again, the 'Herbie' series) Vincent McEveety directed, while Superdad was written by his brother, Joseph L. McEveety.

Superdad tries hard to be relevant and "hip," but falls short. Perhaps if it had been produced five years earlier, its legacy would have been more favorable.

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One Little Indian (1973) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 90 mins.Year: 1973
Cast: James Garner, Vera Miles and Pat Hingle

Disney Movie Rating:
65.3 out of 100. Total of 2 votes.

One Little Indian (1973) Movie Description:

Starring James Garner and Vera Miles, along with Pat Hingle, Jay Silverheels and an 11-year old Jodie Foster, Disney Studios' 1973 production, One Little Indian is a comedy/western that thoroughly entertains.

The U.S. Cavalry, Indian raids, a lost boy and a camel are all ingredients, with Garner at his slightly bemused best as an officer who somehow manages to come out right-side-up in situations where all seems lost. His misadventures involving the camel in the desert are priceless, and his quest to assist a youngster find his "lost tribe" display his gift for compassion and humanity.

Pursued by the cavalry (led by Hingle), the duo encounter one obstacle after another, but still, their humor and positive attitude see them through.

Veteran Hollywood western director (Rawhide, Gunsmoke, The Big Valley, How the West Was Won) Bernard McEveety called the shots for One Little Indian. Also notable is Jerry Goldsmith's musical score, which is always dead on and unobtrusive.

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Charley and the Angel (1973) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 93 mins.Year: 1973
Cast: Fred MacMurray, Cloris Leachman and Harry Morgan

Disney Movie Rating:
67.8 out of 100. Total of 5 votes.

Charley and the Angel (1973) Movie Description:

In one of his final film appearances, Fred MacMurray returns to Disney in the 1973 comedy, Charley and the Angel. The film is adapted from Will Stanton's 1971 novel, The Golden Evenings of Summer.

Set in the Depression, MacMurray (Charley) plays the typical role he was apparently born to, the "Everyman" who's decent, hard-working and wanting the best for his family. One day however, he's visited by an angel (Harry Morgan) who advises him that his days are drawing near. Charley, not wanting to alarm his family, tells no one of his "heavenly" visitor, but instead goes about getting his life in order. When his sons find themselves inadvertently involved with gangsters, Charley tries to save them, but winds up in prison himself.

Charley and the Angel is an unassuming, slow-paced film, easy to watch and easier still to appreciate. The cast (MacMurray, Morgan, Cloris Leachman, Kurt Russell, Kathleen Cody) is excellent. Leachman received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy.

Trailer/Scene from Charley and the Angel:

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The World's Greatest Athlete (1973) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 93 mins.Year: 1973
Cast: John Amos, Jan-Michael Vincent and Tim Conway

Disney Movie Rating:
54.7 out of 100. Total of 2 votes.

The World's Greatest Athlete (1973) Movie Description:

Written by Gerald Gardner and Dee Caruso of Get Smart fame, the 1973 Walt Disney Productions film, The World's Greatest Athlete harkens back to the early-to-mid-60s Disney "escapist" films such as The Nutty Professor, Son of Flubber, etc. Slapstick and special effects are in abundance, while the cast is frequently reduced to background.

Jan-Michael Vincent is discovered in Africa by athletic coaches Tim Conway and John Amos and subsequently brought to America in the hopes of providing a springboard for their alma mater's resurgence. A snag develops however, in the form of Nanu's (Vincent) mentor, an honest-to-goodness witch doctor. Conway and Amos finally persevere, and the comedy ratchets up a level.

Besides Conway and Amos, other notables making appearances include Billy DeWolfe, Nancy Walker, Vito Scotti, Roscoe Lee Browne, and, in a cameo as himself, Howard Cosell.

The World's Greatest Athlete, not surprisingly, failed to garner much in the way of critical kudos. Viewers will have difficulty remembering much about the film after its' hour and 40 minutes are completed.

The Trailer/Scene from World's Greatest Athlete:

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Now You See Him, Now You Don't (1972) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 88 mins.Year: 1972
Cast: Kurt Russell, Cesar Romero, Joe Flynn, and Jim Backus

Disney Movie Rating:
59.7 out of 100. Total of 2 votes.

Now You See Him, Now You Don't (1972) Movie Description:

Now You See Him, Now You Don't is an interesting comedy about a college student named Dexter (Kurt Russel) who discovers a special kind of spray that makes the wearer invisible. He can hardly believe it at first and then ends up getting into all kinds of mischief with it! Soon after the discovery, an unscrupulous businessman finds out about the formula and intends to use it for illegal purposes. He tries to steal the bottle from Dexter but to no avail. There are tons of hilarious moments in this film and is something you could easily watch more than once. The special effects are also pretty impressive for a movie that was filmed in 1972. This is the perfect movie for when you just feel like sitting down with the family and having a few laughs.

Now You See Him, Now You Don't Trailer :

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The Biscuit Eater (1972) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 90 mins.Year: 1972
Cast: Earl Holliman, Pat Crowley, Lew Ayres, and Godfrey Cambridge

Disney Movie Rating:
71.14 out of 100. Total of 22 votes.

The Biscuit Eater (1972) Movie Description:

The Biscuit Eater is a 1972 movie produced by Disney that was a remake of a film originally made in 1940. The story follows a dog named Moreover, a lovable German Pointer and his relationship with a young boy named Lonnie. Moreover is sold to a gas station clerk named Willie Dorsey, but Lonnie and his best friend manage to take Moreover back. Together, Lonnie and his friend train Moreover to be an award winning bird pointer and decide to enter him in a field trial. Lonnie's father is also a dog trainer and much to his dismay, Lonnie and his friend Tex enter Moreover into the state championship which Lonnie's father will also be competing with his championship winning dog "Silverbelle". This is an older movie that is not as well known as many other classic Disney movies, but if you are a dog person this movie is definitely worth a viewing.

Watch First 10 Minutes of The Biscuit Eater:

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Snowball Express (1972) Disney Movie

Rating: NRLength: 93 mins.Year: 1972
Cast: Dean Jones, Nancy Olson, Harry Morgan, and Keenan Wynn

Disney Movie Rating:
77.45 out of 100. Total of 19 votes.

Snowball Express (1972) Movie Description:

Dean Jones, Nancy Olson, Harry Morgan, Keenan Wynn and Johnnie Whittaker star in Walt Disney's 1972 production, Snowball Express. Jones plays Johnny Baxter, a man who leaves his secure 9-to-5 office job in New York City, relocates his family to rural Colorado to take ownership of an inherited "lucrative" resort hotel only to discover that "lucrative" is a bit of an exaggeration: in fact, the hotel is ramshackle at best, with major renovations needed.

Feeling he's made a terrible mistake, Baxter (Jones) comes upon an idea to turn the property and surrounding area into a ski lodge. Unable to secure financing, Baxter instead embarks on a series of schemes which miraculously work in his favor, and the ski lodge eventually becomes a reality.

Apparently snakebit but also possessing a horse-shoe, Baxter manages to survive a series of near disasters, including the predictable "snowmobile-gone-awry" downhill race, avalanches and the eccentric but lovable townspeople.

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Napoleon and Samantha (1972) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 92 mins.Year: 1972
Cast: Michael Douglas, Jodie Foster and Johnny Whitaker

Disney Movie Rating:
64.97 out of 100. Total of 3 votes.

Napoleon and Samantha (1972) Movie Description:

To clear up any confusion regarding the title, Napoleon is actually Johnnie Whitaker (Family Affair), and Samantha is Jodie Foster in the 1972 Disney production family adventure, Napoleon and Samantha.

Living with his grandfather, Napoleon somehow convinces the older man to adopt a lion from a circus clown. Major, the lion, isn't in the best of shape, so tending for him is quite a task. Napoleon befriends a young man, Danny, (Michael Douglas) who helps with Major, but then abruptly leaves to tend goats in the mountains. When the old man dies, the boy, trying to avoid being sent to an orphanage, runs away with Major, a rooster and Samantha.

Hoping to find Danny, the unlikely quartet encounters several dangers along the way, including river rapids, a cougar and a bear. They finally find Danny, only to become entangled in a case of mistaken identity. All ends well however, with the lion staying in the mountains with Danny.

Trailer/Scene from Napoleon and Samantha:

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