Saturday, 26 November 2011

Emil and the Detectives (1964) Disney Movie

Rating: NRLength: 92 mins.Year: 1964
Cast: Walter Slezak, Bryan Russell and Roger Mobley

Disney Movie Rating:
73.17 out of 100. Total of 8 votes.

Emil and the Detectives (1964) Movie Description:

Adapted from a classic 1929 German children's story by Erich Kastner, Walt Disney Productions 1964's Emil and the Detectives is an entertaining, well-scripted film with a familiar theme: Kids outwit clueless grown-ups to save the day.

Along with bumbling crooks, skeptical adults and a resourceful band of youngsters, Emil and the Detectives bounces along at a brisk pace, avoiding so many of the overused cliches prevalent in most films using the same storyline.

Walter Slezak is impeccable as The Baron, while Bryan Russell as Emil is charming without being cloying or predictably "cute." Filmed in and around Berlin, director Peter Tewksbury makes good use of the city's "feel" and imposing architecture to set an appropriate atmosphere, while remaining true to the original story.

Kastner's novel is notable for the fact that, although published before the rise of the Third Reich, it somehow escaped Nazi censorship, a fate most pre-war German literature didn't escape.

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