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The Parent Trap (1961) Disney Movie

Rating: NRLength: 129 mins.Year: 1961
Cast: Hayley Mills, Maureen O'Hara, Brian Keith

Disney Movie Rating:
80.43 out of 100. Total of 60 votes.

The Parent Trap (1961) Movie Description:

One of Disney's first departures from it's traditional targeted "kiddie" audience was 1961's The Parent Trap, which was directed at more of a "teen" demographic.

Starring Hayley Mills (in her second of six Disney productions), Brian Keith and Maureen O'Hara, the film is a story about identical twins (both played by Mills) who meet at summer camp, not realizing they are actually sisters. Despising each other at first, they eventually bond when they are forced to share a cabin. They discover their parents were once married but divorced before their birth, and being curious about their real parents, they switch places, one returning to Boston, the other to California.

A gold-digging fiancee, a gypsy violinist, a reprisal of the parents' first date, and a disastrous camping trip with hungry bear cubs as unwelcome guests all figure in the twin's scheme to sabotage the father's impending wedding. Their plan works as the parents rekindle their love and re-marry, and the family is reunited.

The Parent Trap received two Academy Award nominations and was remade in 1998, with Lindsay Lohan starring.

A Scene from Parent Trap:

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