Friday, 18 November 2011

Johnny Tremain (1957) Disney Movie

Rating: NRLength: 80 mins.Year: 1957
Cast: Hal Stalmaster, Luana Patten and Jeff York

Disney Movie Rating:
77.25 out of 100. Total of 12 votes.

Johnny Tremain (1957) Movie Description:

Originally made-for-television, then released theatrically, Walt Disney's 1957 film Johnny Tremain recounts life in pre-Revolutionary Boston. The title character (portrayed by 17-year old Hal Stalmaster) is an apprentice silversmith with big dreams which are all laid to waste by an accident. He then becomes involved in the Independence movement, crossing paths along the way with such notable Revolutionary icons as Dr. Joseph Warren, Samuel Adams and Paul Revere. As a member of the Sons of Liberty, Tremain is present at several prominent events leading up to full-blown Revolution.

Viewers will recognize many historic references in the film, which attempts to portray the unvarnished courage and determination of the fledgling movement as the epitome of nobility and liberty. The reasons for the impending war is well laid-out, so much so that the film was later used for educational purposes.

Little known trivia: Sharon Disney, daughter of Walt Disney, had a small, uncredited role as an acquaintance of Tremain.

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