Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Poof Point (2001) Disney Movie

Rating: GLength: 90 mins.Year: 2001
Cast: Tahj Mowry, Mark Curry, Raquel Lee

Disney Movie Rating:
69.21 out of 100. Total of 52 votes.

The Poof Point (2001) Movie Description:

This is a movie about two scientists who invent a time machine. A critical part falls out of the time machine before they get into it to test it. Nothing seems to happen at first, but when they wake up the next day they are regressing in age(physically and mentally). Their kids seem to notice something strange is going on, judging by their behavior. Soon enough, the children realize that it is the machine that has changed their parents. The parents gradually get younger and the kids notice that the fish that their parents were experimenting on earlier seemed to just disappear after growing younger. They disappear in a "poof" of sorts. The point at which something ceases to exist thus becomes known as the "poof point". The kids know they have to get the parents in the machine and reverse the effect some way before their parents, too, just "poof" away.

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